5 Factors that contribute to properties not selling


There are positive and negative factors to almost every location. Whilst most buyers have had the importance of location drilled into them, no matter where your property may be located, there is a ready, willing and able buyer in the marketplace. Retain a fully Licenced Agent to identify the positives and sell the benefits.


Making a good first impression is important in getting a property sold. Before putting your property on the market, take a really good look at it. Is there some paintwork that needs refreshing? Do you need to de-clutter and put some things into storage? Give the whole place a spring clean and tidy the garden. We are happy to spend extra time with you to ensure that you don't miss anything important. It's the attention to detail that sets us apart and enables us to get properties sold.


How quickly you want to sell has a direct relationship to the price that you receive for your property. It is very important to compare your property to others that have actually sold recently so that you have a realistic guide to what is happening in the marketplace. It may not always be what you want to hear but talk to us and we will tell you the price that we honestly expect you to receive in today's real estate market.

Settlement Terms

Many buyers have particular time constraints. Are you willing to do either a shorter or longer settlement than usual? If so, that could mean the difference in getting a deal.

The Agent That You Select

We are all fully Licenced Real Estate Agents, not just Salespeople and yes, there is a difference. We pride ourselves on getting results that other people can't. We understand the frustrations involved when sellers are not able to accomplish their real estate objectives. If you are serious about selling and not just listing your property, contact us today. We will give you an honest evaluation of what it is going to take to get your property sold. We will share with you our proven marketing and technology systems that have enabled us to help so many sellers accomplish their real estate objectives.