Five keys to selling your home sooner

It’s no secret that spending a few hours beautifying your home can go a long way toward a quick sale at top dollar. Taking the time now to look at several key areas will result in a dramatic increase in serious buyers.

These few steps are a must for any home seller to follow:

  1. Take a walk through your home with a “Buyer’s” perspective. Is the home inviting or does it look rundown, old and cluttered? Is the front entrance clean and painted and does it make the best possible first impression?
  2. Touch-up paint in all rooms. If the existing paint is especially bad, paint the entire room in a neutral colour. This allows Buyers to create their own “landscape” of how they would set out the room with their belongings.
  3. Kitchen and bathrooms. The most closely examined rooms in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom(s). Make sure that these rooms really shine by removing all clutter, re-sealing around sinks, tubs and showers if necessary and cleaning all fixtures. Fix dripping taps!
  4. Prepare for an “Open Home” in the same way that you would prepare for friends coming over. Make the beds, pick up clothing and clean the floors. It should be easy for prospective buyers to move through the home, so if a room is overcrowded with furniture or clutter, consider moving some items into storage to create a more open look and feel.
  5. Buyers will be interested in storage space in your home. Make sure that your cupboards and wardrobes are clean and clutter free. If you have clothes that you don’t wear often, consider putting these into storage also in order to make your storage areas look more spacious.