Taking The Emotion Out Of Selling

Memories are priceless, but putting them aside temporarily can help you realise a better sale price and at the end of the day you will take your memories with you when you move.

Selling real estate can be a very emotional process at the best of times. Add memories of bringing your first child home to the nursery you painted yourself or family gatherings in the backyard and lazy days around the pool with friends and it gets even harder to see your home the way a potential buyer might. It’s even worse if it is the home you grew up in.

One of the first things to do is to go across the street and look at the house. Ask yourself what you should do to make the house more appealing. Only by looking at your home through a buyer’s eyes, can you begin to start thinking about the sale for what it is – a business deal in which you need to achieve the best price possible.

If it’s outdated and doesn’t look good to anybody but you, it’s time to let go, or do something about it.
When it’s time to list the house and get photographs done, it’s also time to take down those old family photos. To anyone else but you, they are simply clutter.

In fact, packing away family photos can be an important step in taking the emotion out of the selling process. They have to be packed before the move anyway, and when you can’t see them every day you might start to see the other half of the equation: You’re moving to a new place where you’ll create new memories.

Then take the next step by removing other things potential buyers will see as clutter, up to and including furniture. Really scale down. You want to show off your house, not your furniture. If you can do without it for a few weeks during the sale process, you may need to follow the next bit of advice. As much as nobody wants to hear, “Rent a storage shed and put some of your prize possessions in it,” that may be exactly what you need to do.

The good news is that temporarily letting go of your things can help you let go of the emotions that might be holding you back. Plus, you’re setting the stage for a home that presents better to prospective purchasers and is more likely to get a higher price in a much shorter time frame. In this market you have to have everything going for you that you can, so, “see your home through buyers’ eyes.”

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