My Role as a Real Estate Agent


All too often sellers believe that my role as an agent is to price their home.

I would say that one of the most difficult problems that I come across is when owners use price estimations as their main criteria for selecting an agent.

It is important that sellers know and understand that as a skilled and professional Agent, my primary role is marketing homes, not pricing them. The pricing decision is based on market factors beyond any agent’s control, such as the location of the home, its condition and the availability of financing for buyers, whilst marketing the property is my main role as your agent. Only the best marketing results in the best selling price

The presentation, condition and price is up to the seller...... and then it is over to the current market and buyers to determine if you can get the asking price.  Sure, my experience and the large number of sales that I have made in the area gives me a great advantage in helping sellers set the right price, due to my being able to compare similar properties and demonstrate accurate guidelines.

As a real estate agent, my role is to provide sellers with exceptional service and to implement the best marketing plan for their property. I like to be chosen as the seller’s agent because they feel I am the best agent to handle the marketing of their home, not because I told them the highest price in an endeavour to “buy” the listing.

If you don’t feel I’m the best, then don’t hire me, no matter what price I say.

“An agent doesn’t control the market…. never select an agent based on price”.

Nicole Bragg – selling the South side fast!

Real Estate Vocabulary
Buyers Market- More sellers than buyers cause prices to fall
Sellers Market- More buyers than sellers cause prices to rise
Short Sale- The value of the home has declined below the mortgage amount. In this situation, a sale will result in a loss of equity.

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